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Centiura is a Toronto, ON, Canada based provider of software development and related IT services specialized primarily in Java, Open Source and Microsoft technologies. We deliver a measurable delta in productivity, profitability, and shareholder value to our clients helping them to increase their net-margins through our well blended SmartDesign and Delivery services.

Centiura’s services span the entire software application lifecycle. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to deliver solutions anywhere in the globe, aligned with clients’ cost, speed, and risk requirements.

Our SmartDesign and Delivery philosophy provides lot of flexibility to our client organizations. This flexible mix enables clients to maximize the effectiveness of their applications portfolios – giving them the means to achieve competitive advantage.

Our service offerings cover a wide spectrum of needs demanded by our clients. Please navigate over the list of our service offering for more details.

Our vision in every engagement is to assist our clients to be successful in their business. In that involvement, our key value additions are, faster time to market, high quality, accessibility to world talent, local PMO accountability and low cost of ownership to our clients.